The Cooler.   Director: Wayne Kramer.    HAIR    

Committed.   Director: Lisa Krueger.  MAKE-UP   

Splendor.   Director: Gregg Araki.   HAIR              

Rhapsody in Bloom.   Director: Craig M. Saavedra.   HAIR&MAKE-UP  

The Hired Heart.  Director: Jeremy Kagan.  HAIR&MAKE-UP 

Little City.   Director: Roberto Benabib.   HAIR&MAKE-UP

Clockwatchers.   Director: Jill Sprecher.  HAIR&MAKE-UP

The House of Yes.   Director: Mark Waters.  HAIR&MAKE-UP

The Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day.   Director: Christopher Munch.   HAIR&MAKE-UP

Nowhere.  Director: Gregg Araki.  HAIR&MAKE-UP, WIGS

Stonewall.  Director:  Nigel Finch.   HAIR&MAKE-UP, WIGS

Frisk.   Director: Todd Verow.  HAIR&MAKE-UP

The Doom Generation.   Director: Gregg Araki.   HAIR&MAKE-UP

Mod Fuck Explosion.   Director: Jon Moritsugu.  HAIR

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